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Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Creative Commons License & Copyrights - Explained

Lost In Pictures Independent Films is a Collective of Artists NOT A HOBBY!!!

WE OWN ALL RIGHTS TO OUR PHOTOS AND VIDEOS (even if it's 'YOU' in the media)

Before you Download, Copy or Duplicate our work; be sure you're doing so within the Artist Permissions & Conditions of the Creative Commons Agreement. Breaking these conditions is illegal and subject to Copyright Infringement under the Creative Commons License Agreement.


Attribution (by)

'Attribution' - meaning: All CC licenses require that others who use our work in any way must give 'Lost In Pictures Film Artists' credit the way we request, but not in a way that suggests you endorse them or their use. If you want to use our work without giving 'Lost In Pictures Independent Films' credit or for endorsement purposes, you must get permission first.

Non-Derivatives (nd)

'Non-Derivative' - meaning: No matter how many times our work is copied or allowed, the content of the copies will be the same as the original. You will not: Alter, Filter, Crop or Add any graphics to our work.

Non-Commercial (nc)

'Non-Commercial' - meaning: licenses include a definition of commercial use, which precludes use of rights granted for commercial purposes: … In any manner that is primarily intended for or directed toward commercial advantage or private monetary compensation. This includes: Hashtags, Links, or Announcements that are directed toward ANY Commercial Organization, Business Social Media Account, Festival, Events, Faires, ect... Past, Present or Future.

You are allowed to promote: Yourself, Friend / Family, Personal Social Media Account, Club, Guild, Team or Charity Benefit.

Violators will be ask to modify any edits, displays or hashtags that violate the licenses of Creative Commons Copyrights. Failure to comply will commence in legal actions provided by the benefits that are obtained within the Creative Commons licence holder.

For Legal Assistance please contact

California Lawyers For the Arts

2015 J St #204, Sacramento, CA 95811

(916) 441-7979

-WE RESPECT THE PRIVACY AND RIGHTS OF OTHERS- If YOU find any media of yourself on our website and wish for removal; please contact me immediately and I will remove it. Go to CONTACT ME in the UPPER TABS or Simply call (530) 344-3176 for assistance.

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