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Social Media / 3rd Party Website

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

These conditions have been implemented to secure safety of the Crew and the protection of equipment. Within this process of vetting; all parties my build the relationship of trust. These steps help you walk-through from 'Planning' to 'Post-Production' process.

Conditions of Filming from 3rd Party Websites / Social Media Contact

1) All parties have been ‘verified’ from 3rd Party Website / Social-Media.

This verification has been established from hosted 3rd Party Website / Social-media site in showing proof of identification of individual(s)

2) Establishing initial contact on website / social-media platform.

‘First Contact’ by either parties with response by text or instant message.

3) Schedule Phone / Skype Meeting

Discussing & Negotiating any and all subjects of filming that surpasses the communication of text messages / instant messages.

4) Face to Face meeting with Talent(s) and Film Crew

Schedule a time and public place to meet with ALL parties who are involved with filming. Discussing location, scenes, talent and privacy disclosures.

5) Schedule a Film Day

Lights, Camera, Action!

6) Post-Production

Our Editing team and software is hard at work. Take this time to think about your next filming project.

7) Screening

You will screen your masterly edited film privately by via: 'Dropbox' , 'Vimeo' , or In-Person. This is the where you "Approve" or request for "Revisions"

'On Approval' contracts / agreements are signed.

8) Delivery

Premiere your video to your profile or hosted media website, set pricing (if desired)

If earnings are made on video with agreed percentage due: email earnings report to: Along with payment via Paypal.(semi-annually)


~Repeat Customers~

Repeat Step: 3 & Step: 5-8

  • Unless new talent is involved Repeat Step: 4

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