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Guild Sponsorship - Conditions of Understanding

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Lost In Pictures

Conditions of Understanding

Lost in Pictures is an experienced Film Crew that has produced commercials and documentaries for the Northern California Renaissance Faire, California Non-Profits and Media Coverage for the Burning Man Festivals.

The Conditions of Understanding is to bring awareness to the Sponsor that majority of our work mainly happens behind the scenes (BTS) and after the event in editing (POST) which may take up to 20-60 hours after the event.

It is extremely important for our Sponsor to understand that these conditions have been placed in order for our Production / Film Crew not to be worked in matters unrelated to our tasks at hand.

In order to achieve success, we pride ourselves in the hard work that goes into the editing process. Please view Lost In Pictures Film as a New Division to your organization and is completely experience and self-reliant to your media needs.

Your organization will receive us upon an exchange basis that is predetermined prior to THIS agreement.

1) Lost In Pictures Film Crew is not responsible for Sponsor’s Setup or Tear-down of camp, encampment, yard, display or base where production is taking place. We have our own media trailer setup and responsibilities that needs attention to prior to production. This insures our equipment and personnel will be conditioned, briefed, safe and working functionally during the Event / Assignment.

2) Production & Crew will not be in Costume / Garb while working or on assignment during Production. Cargo-wear is commonly worn for the utility of holding batteries, lens, media cards, ect... Production & Crew is be in formal dress that respected during strict occasions & ceremonies.

3) Itinerary, Assignments and Shoot-Schedules are predetermined by Director before production. Sponsor may request for media coverage for sub-events. However, if Sponsor presents a shoot-schedule a fee for Photography or Videography may occur.

4) ‘Exchange of Work for Play’: Renaissance Faires, Festivals, Events, Ect.... that operate on Saturday & Sunday. Film / Crew will work 1 full day (either Saturday or Sunday) in exchange to play at event on the other day.

5) Lost In Pictures will not be bound to film Weddings, Hand-fastings, or Special Events that would usually contract fees from Professional Media Organizations / Companies. If such occasion is requested; negotiations of cost is recommended 4 weeks prior to scheduled event.

6) Lost In Pictures is not bound to provide media coverage for every calendar event. Please email events schedule to Director by Jan 31st and we will try to accommodate within a 75 mile area.

7) Sponsor is welcome to use post-production media and graphics for their own use and social media needs. Other media items within the catalog may need permissions from 3rd parties. Sponsor does not have freedom to distribute Lost In Pictures media to Commercial Organizations or 3rd Party Vendors.

Lost In Pictures operates under the 'Creative Commons' copyright all rights reserved. 

All media must be acknowledged by credit.

Media may not be used for Commercial Advertisement or Financial Gain. 

Media will not be altered or reproduced in any manner.

Media will not be distributed without permissions / licensing of Lost In Pictures

8) After 1 year of service, Sponsor may request Lost In Pictures to assist in evaluations of media and web site reconstructions. 

9) Lost In Pictures Film Personnel / Crews will not pay dues or fees to an organization for production. before, during or after an event. 

​10) Lost In Pictures Reserves All Rights to end contract without notice.

11) Lost In Pictures will not film ANY media associated with San Jose, South Lake Tahoe & Folsom from August 1, 2019 to indefinitely. Lost In Pictures will not share ANY media associated with San Jose, South Lake Tahoe & Folsom expect in the Catalog Labeled: '2017 Royal Scots Archives, South Lake Tahoe Renaissance Faire' - As for Permission for media use was given for said 2017 Event.

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