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We offer Videography services with a variety of packages 

One Professional

Very Budget Friendly!

This option allows one Videographer to freely roam during the ceremony & reception.

We Capture hours of footage giving our Editors plenty of material to work with.

Your video can easily be accompanied by your choice of music.

~Reservations 1 month prior to event~

Joe & Tasha's Wedding

Small Crew Professional

This option allows 3 Videographers to film.


Both Bride & Groom are assigned a same gender Videographer 'Before The Ceremony'

  While the 3rd Videographer is filming the wedding site.


During your Ceremony all 3 Videographers are present covering all angles.

This option gives the most coverage throughout the day.

~Reservations 2 months prior to event~

Joel & Rebecca's Wedding

Premiere Production

This option allows a Full Production Team with specialized equipment to film from the start of your day to the evenings end.

Personalized audio & camera angels are carefully planned giving your wedding video stunning views and scenes.

~Reservations 3 months prior to event~ 

Daniel & Annie'sWedding

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